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My Favourite Things: Komala, Events Manager, Pennard

My Favourite Things: Komala, Events Manager, Pennard

The owners of the Canvas and Stone houses would be the first to declare that without some serious help to hand, they wouldn’t be able to do their job as well as they do. At Pennard House, that angel in disguise is Komala, the fantastic events manager. We ask her a few questions about her favourite things and places at Pennard.


Pennard House Event Manager

How long have you worked at Pennard House?

For three years, since it began and the first few events took place.

What were you doing before?

Before this I was managing a restaurant!

What is your favourite time of the year working at Pennard House?

Most definitely spring. I love the blossom on the trees and the hundreds of daffodils that pop up in around the garden and grounds! It’s a beautiful time of year to be here.

Where is your favourite spot to be on the grounds?

Over by our beautiful fresh water lake and stunning rose garden! You can dip your feet in the lake or if feeling brave go for a swim!

Pennard Victorian Pond

Which has been your most memorable event you’ve held at Pennard? 

I love running the fantastic weddings at Pennard House but one of the most fun and memorable events for me was Superdry’s Annual Store Managers’ Conference we held here in August last year.

The unpredictable British weather was very unkind to us so trying to set everything up in the mud was challenging but fun at the same time! We had tents and tipis, festival flats and festoon lights everywhere. It was like creating mini festival.  With the Glastonbury festival site  just a field away it had to be muddy I guess!

The guests were a really good bunch of people and they had such a great time, the Pennard House team worked so hard which I think was reflected in the event’s success.

Which is your favourite room in Pennard House?

I’d have to say the Orchard Room which is the Bridal Suite for weddings. It’s so beautifully finished with hand-painted murals and calming colours. It’s the perfect space for our sometimes nervous brides to get ready with their bridal parties over a glass of bubbles! Sometimes they invite me in to join them for a glass, which is always fun!

Pennard House Orchard Room

If you had a party at Pennard, what would you do?

Oh gosh that a tricky one! I’d love for the party to start early afternoon (hopefully in the sunshine!) on the terrace with flowing champagne and a live band. We’d have all sorts of games set up on the croquet lawn and endless, delicious canapés being handed around.

We’d then head over to The Coach House in the early evening for some cocktails on arrival, standing outside in the courtyard, before the BBQ is fired up to serve fresh lobster along with your classic burgers and bangers.

I’d arrange for more of the beautiful tipis to be put up in the meadow for all my guests to stay in as well. The following day I’d have a picnic by our freshwater lake with plenty of cold beers and live music.

pennard house 7.1

What are you most looking forward to happening at Pennard House that you have in the diary?

I love the Chris Difford (from Squeeze) songwriting retreat that happens at Pennard House. It feels like such a privilege to be part of it. We are so lucky to have such talented people filling up the house and the added bonus of hearing what amazing music gets produced is fantastic!

If you book an event at Pennard House, you will have one of the team, such as Komala as your dedicated event manager to work alongside you to make sure you get the most out of the house to create the perfect, bespoke event. For more information on Pennard House or any one of our houses, please contact us here.

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