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My Favourite Things: Jen, Iscoyd Park

My Favourite Things: Jen, Iscoyd Park

As many previous guests will vouch, getting to know the staff and families at our houses is one of the things that makes the experience so special. Being able to forge that direct relationship with the events managers and be shown around and welcomed by the families themselves can not be said for every venue available for events. Here we talk to Jen Paskell, one of Iscoyd’s team of two event managers who along with Phil and Susie manages most of the activities that happen in the Park.


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How long have you worked at Iscoyd Park?

I started working at Iscoyd Park in September 2013.  My sister got married at Iscoyd Park in June 2013 and as she lives abroad, I helped plan her wedding. After telling Phil of my plans to move back up North to be nearer family, the following day he asked me if I would consider working at Iscoyd and the rest they say, is history!

What were you doing before?

Before I joined the team at Iscoyd I worked in London for four years, working for The Concerto Group as an events manager. Before that I was as a party creator for Create Food & Party Design based in Wimbledon and before that a wedding coordinator for English Heritage, based for the majority of the time at Eltham Palace near Greenwich.

What is your favourite time of year to work at Iscoyd?

This is tricky!  I must say though that May/June is beautiful at Iscoyd.  The Spring weather teamed with the colours coming back into the garden seems to bring a fresh start and sense of excitement for the Summer period ahead. I am sure anyone born and bred in England will say the same thing but it really is true!  Just a 20 minute walk around the estate will introduce you to our pond, enchanting piano in the woods, two-seater love swing by our monkey puzzle tree, the walled garden and much more.  I love all the smaller details at Iscoyd.

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Where is your favourite spot to be on the grounds?

There are far too many hotspots at Iscoyd to choose just one but if I go for a walk with Phil’s gorgeous dog, Freda, I do love to make sure we go around the pond and park.  The views of the house are incredible from those vantage points and it’s beautifully satisfying looking at your place of work with such pride and in such calm!

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Which has been your most memorable event you’ve had at Iscoyd?

There are far too many to mention but we had a Nigerian wedding recently that pulled out all the stops and really made use of all the space at Iscoyd which was lovely to see.  One of the biggest selling points of Iscoyd Park is it’s homely and relaxed feel as soon as you walk through the doors.  We got to know the family so well and felt like one of them by the end!

Which is your favourite room?

This is even trickier!  I would have to say the Garden Room.  I love the elegance during the day for a ceremony and it’s high windows and doors give it a lovely, light air.  The room is then transformed into the dance area and bar in the evening with multi-coloured up lights and long floor length curtains to create a fantastic party feel.

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I know you Iscoyd folk love a party. If you were hostess and someone else was footing the bill, what would do you?

If I were to have a party at Iscoyd I would without doubt have an open air cinema outside with several different food stations to choose from – I’m a bit of a foodie so I love this side of the business!  I would decorate the house and marquee with stand alone side lamps (lots being used for events lately), with smaller tables and chairs scattered around the garden room to create a jazzy/bluesy feel for the evening entertainment.  I would take all 14 bedrooms on site for close friends and family and leave our luxurious Iscoyd Park snack boxes in each room as a lovely surprise for when they came to bed. Dream!

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What are you most looking forward to happening at Iscoyd that’s in the diary?

Well some I have to keep secret (!) but we have an event in May that we’re going to make use of some alternative on-site activities we can offer at Iscoyd such as Zorbing and clay pigeon shooting, teamed with some fabulous food from both our caterer and local farm shop.  It will be a three day stay so both myself and the staff can all get really hands on with the event.  There are of course our beloved weddings every week and each brings it own personality and fun, both at the wedding and in the build up so there is always something new to look forward to!

If you are looking for an event venue which has some fantastic extras, stylish rooms to die for and a level of service like no other, make sure you enquire about Iscoyd Park. Only 2.5 hours from London by train and less to Manchester, Liverpool or Birmingham. Jen, along with Phil and Susie will be there to welcome you. Contact us here.

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